Track your medication routine with ease using PillDock

PillDock is the world's first IoT Medication Dock that syncs your medication routines and provides you reminders for your next dosage. PillDock, patent pending, securely connects to the web allowing you to easily configure your medication details. PillDock allows you and your doctor to easily keep track of your medication adherence.

PillDock FlameSync

Web and App Reminders

PillDock offers a flexible desktop and mobile compatible interface that allows you to configure medication reminders via emails, SMS texts, and HTML5 alerts.

Adherence Reports

Taking medication on-time is important. PillDock devices record the time when medication is taken (or not taken) and generates a monthly report that shows medication adherence to you, your loved ones, and your doctor.

Simple and Portable

PillDock can be used virtually anywhere such as in the home, car, hotel, hospital, etc. It is rechargeable, can last for weeks per charge, and has low power notifications.

AES 256-bit SSL

All your details are encrypted with industry-grade 256-bit SSL with the use of SHA512 hashing algorithm. Your details are kept safe and only accessible to you and those you authorize.